Hair loss is the fastest-growing category in the hair industry, and the number of clients suffering is growing every single day. They are looking to their trusted stylists to help them understand why they are losing their hair and how to stop it. In this certification course, you will learn the biological reasons why hair loss happens, and why Zenagen is the healthiest, most effective solution you can offer your clients. This course will arm you with the knowledge to talk about hair loss with confidence, and to be the leader they're looking for to overcome their hair struggles.

What Will You Get?

  • Access to the certification course to reference and re-watch anytime you want

  • A displayable certificate upon completion of the course

  • A special one-time introductory deal and the opportunity for continuing education

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction - 6 Minutes

    • Healthy Hair Development - 12 Minutes

    • What Causes Inflammation, and What Is DHT? - 25 Minutes

    • How We Work - 14 Minutes

    • Additional Product Offerings - 13 Minutes

    • Certification Exam